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Little City, Big Headlines

Property Agents Share Why San Miguel De Allende Is The Best City In The World


The central Mexican city of San Miguel de Allende was recently crowned the best city in the world by Travel & Leisure. The No. 1 ranking came as no surprise to Ann Dolan, a broker with CDR San Miguel who has lived in San Miguel de Allende with her husband Jim for 25 years. The city, 170 miles northwest of Mexico City, has long been a draw for foreign buyers, with more than 63 nationalities represented, according to Dolan. “It is a fascinating place to visit,” said Dolan, originally from Tennessee. “You’re culturally stimulated at every turn. There’s something for everyone.”

11 Best Places to Travel in November 2022: San Miguel de Allende


If you’re considering a getaway before the end-of-the-year holidays, even if it’s just for a long weekend, we have some suggestions for you. Here are 11 of the best places to travel in November 2022.Located in Mexico’s Sierra Central Mountains about 200 miles from Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende is one of Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best cities. The UNESCO World Heritage Site’s atmosphere, architecture, restaurants, and artistic style make it a great place to visit year round. In November, its celebration of Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is among the most exciting in all of Mexico, with the five-day La Calaca festival, Catrinas Parade, and colorful makeup and costumes. At the elegant Rosewood San Miguel de Allende, professional makeup artists are available to turn faces into beautiful skulls, while many guests enjoy the festivities and city views from the Luna rooftop bar.

San Miguel de Allende #1: The friendliest cities in the world in 2022


Swooping in to steal the number one spot as the friendliest city in the world, San Miguel de Allende is a city peppered with pink limestone facades, winding, cobbled streets and impressive religious and civic landmarks. The Parroquia de San Miguel Archangel, a grand, neo-Gothic, 17th-century church, is perhaps the most famous building in the city, with its soaring spires visible from all corners. The foodie scene here is also a real attraction, with many using locally grown, organic produce and serving locally produced wines, cheeses and olive oil.

San Miguel de Allende Voted #1 City In the World in 2021


From the rooftop restaurants to the central El Jardín and the Museo Histórico, San Miguel de Allende has mesmerized our readers, one of whom summarized: "San Miguel is an incredible city, very beautiful, historic, with friendly people, fantastic food and restaurants.

Score: 93.54

In central Mexico, a retreat that’s perfect for families


Far from the packed resort beaches of Cancun, Cabo’s nonstop party atmosphere and the hipsterdom of Tulum, San Miguel de Allende exists as its own singular slice of Mexican life. Located in the state of Guanajuato, 170 miles north of Mexico City, it boasts cobblestone streets and colonial architecture, giving visitors the impression they’ve stepped out of time. Overall, San Miguel de Allende is easy to navigate, safe and rich with activities — an ideal family vacation destination.

Historic San Miguel De Allende Sees Increased Interest From Younger Buyers To Start 2022


San Miguel de Allende's vibrant culture and colonial architecture continue to attract retirees from the United States. Recently, however, more young families have chosen to call the charming city home in 2022. 


"We are seeing more families relocating here than ever because of being able to work remotely and ZOOM. They love the bi-cultural experience for their children," said Ann Dolan, a luxury real estate specialist with CDR San Miguel, the area's leading luxury brokerage. Dolan, who raised her children there, confirms San Miguel de Allende boasts several excellent bi-lingual private schools.

Outdoor Fun — Balloons, Beaches, Horseback Riding — Near San Miguel De Allende, Mexico


A UNESCO World Heritage site and a beloved city filled with Mexican culture and history, San Miguel de Allende also offers nature- and activity-based options close by. 

The 18 Essential Restaurants in San Miguel de Allende


For a relatively small city, the gastronomic offerings of San Miguel de Allende are wide-ranging, thanks to the bounty of the area’s surrounding ranches, farms, vineyards, and orchards, as well as a flourishing community of foreign expats with diverse tastes. Two things to know: This is a popular tourist destination, which means tourist traps abound — a local guide (and a good list!) can help you avoid them. Also, this is not a city for street food, but the fully fledged restaurants here are absolutely worth exploring. Here, then, is Eater’s list of the essential places to eat and drink in San Miguel de Allende.

How San Miguel Became Mexico's Most Enchanting Destination — and the 2021 World's Best City


Historical circumstance left this colorful city remarkably intact. Thanks to first-class restaurants, outstanding hotels, and beguiling architecture, it's become popular with visitors, who arrive in search of its ineffable magic.

San Miguel was ranked as the second best city in the 2020 World's Best Awardsand took the top spot in 2017 and 2018. It's the type of place that our readers come back to, year in and year out, and a destination where many travelers want to put down roots. 

31 of the Most Beautiful Streets in the World: Aldama in San Miguel de Allende


The historic and colorful Aldama Street in San Miguel De Allende is a must-see for any traveler heading to centrally located Mexican city. Roughly 170 miles north of Mexico City, San Miguel De Allende was voted the "2013 Best City in the World" by Travel + Leisure.

The Friendliest Cities in the World: 2020 Readers' Choice Awards 


Voted the best small city in the world for 2020, San Miguel de Allende’s appeal extends beyond its Spanish Colonial architecture and colorful facades. A hub for expat artists, this highland city features a diverse and gregarious class of locals—although its far-from-the-coastline location has helped the area remain insulated and authentically Mexican. Take your pick from more than 350 restaurants ranging from five-star restaurants to local mom-and-pop eateries, then take a step back in time with a stroll along the well-preserved cobblestone streets.

One of the “Best Small Cities in the World” Shows the Rest of the World How to Reopen Safely


Like many tourist hotspots around the world, San Miguel de Allende relies heavily on tourism as a driving force of its economic engine. And like many tourist hotspots, the lockdown during the beginning of the pandemic was financially devastating to businesses that have come to rely on the steady flow of American visitors. After months of empty hotel rooms, some destinations around the world have started to reopen, touting their new and improved safety measures as a way to lure back tourists. Few destinations, however, are doing as good of a job with safety as San Miguel de Allende.

Vibrant San Miguel De Allende Culture And Lifestyle Continues To Draw Buyers From Abroad


After a four-month lull, when many San Miguel de Allende area offices and businesses shuttered due to COVID, residential sales picked up in September. "We started to see buyers writing offers again beginning in September with closings in October and November," says Ann Dolan, luxury real estate specialist at CDR San Miguel, the leading luxury real estate brokerage in San Miguel de Allende.

A Love Note to San Miguel de Allende


In the past decade, San Miguel de Allende has transformed from a close-knit, artsy little pueblo into a bustling and rather cosmopolitan city — it’s now one of Mexico’s best-known cultural destinations. You’ll still find plenty of cheap tacos and quirky galleries in town, but visitors can also schedule a multicourse, locally sourced tasting menu with an internationally recognized chef, work on their laptops at one of the city’s cool new food courts, sip cocktails on the rooftop bar of a mega luxury hotel, and lounge at an artificial beach.

48 Hours In San Miguel De Allende


If you’ve checked Mexico off the bucket list, it’s likely that you’ve navigated the cosmopolitan streets of Mexico City or luxuriated at one of the country’s many coastal resorts. Competing with never-ending shoreline and bohemian beach towns, it stands to reason that San Miguel de Allende, located in the country’s mountainous highlands is so frequently overlooked. However, this colonial town, located a mere three hours north of Mexico City, offers an utterly refreshing perspective on Mexican heritage and contemporary culture.

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